WTL Ventures

Fixed price MVP

We develop modern frontends, mobile apps and
functional backends. Fully cloud native!


A good choice: WTL Ventures

Ready to go - straight away

Thanks to our experienced teams, we can start the product discovery and implementation straight away.

Budget safety

By billing at a fixed price, there is no risk of breaking the planned budget.

6 weeks to launch

We will complete your MVP in the shortest time possible with the help of our startup-experienced teams.


What's in the box?

We offer you the exact building blocks you need for a successful start of your venture.

App, frontend & backend

No matter whether your MVP needs a beautiful frontend with login, a mobile app or a functional backend - the MVP team delivers!

Landingpage & tracking

The product or company landing page optimized for SEO and SEA is part of the extensive service package.

Operations & monitoring

To enable the founders to concentrate on building and developing the product, we take care of the technology.

Tech-lead hiring support

We actively support you in the filling process for the internal tech lead position - from screening the CVs to the interview of the applicants.

Team takeover

You can take over the well-established development team immediately after the MVP has been completed.

Efficient technology stack

The selected technology stack is just so extensive and complex that it carries the MVP and is mastered by your in-house team.

You're in good company

“This is the second time we have worked with WTL, this time in our Learning Engagement Team. As Product Management Lead, I could rely on my colleagues at WTL to implement our requirements in a well-organized and structured manner. We CoachHubbers felt the motivation that came from everyone. I would particularly like to emphasize the forward-looking way of working and the high level of initiative.”

“The WTL team quickly familiarized itself with our specific needs, is actively involved in kollex and therefore does excellent work! With WTL we have found a partner we can always rely on when working together. Our internal product and tech team also enjoys working with WTL and highly values ​​our WTL team members both professionally and personally.”

“I already knew Stefan through our work together at Rocket Internet. WTL absolutely supported our start-up mentality and launched our new website with us within a few weeks. We had great communication between the teams, reliable structures with high agility and full commitment to achieving goals. For me, this is definitely worth recommending!”

That's WTL Ventures

With a lot of experience, effective organization and technological know-how, we develop prototypes and MVPs.

Startup experience

With more than 10 years of experience in professional startup development, we know what matters, especially at the beginning.

All decisions are aimed at building the MVP precisely enough to deliver the insights needed and ensure initial business success.

Agile organization

Tried-and-tested structures and processes in the development of products represent the solid basis for a flexible and efficient team.

Our services range from product definition to the derivation of features and their priorities to efficient implementation and continuous delivery.

Know how in technology

The technology stack used is just so extensive and complex that it carries the MVP and can be easily utilized by your future team.

We attach great importance to the most modern methods and tools, which are widely used as “best practices”. No “over engineering” or “hype tech” which makes hiring developers complex and costly.

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Do you have further questions?

Where can I find more information about WTL?

To find out more about the WTL Group and working at WTL, please visit wtl.work or wtl.de.

Which experts does a team consist of?

For us, an agile team usually consists of the roles Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Management, Technical Development and Quality Assurance or Test Automation.

We will determine which roles are specifically required in your project in our joint kick-off workshop.

What is the difference between the prototype and the MVP?

A prototype is a tool with which you can validate your product idea or business idea on a selected test group. The prototype has no or only minimal functionality. Its purpose is solely to obtain information and answer business assumptions.

In contrast to the prototype, the MVP has only the minimum range of functions necessary to solve the problem of the customer who is ideally already paying. In order to develop a successful MVP, it is necessary that the product or business idea has been successfully tested in advance.

What happens after the MVP launch?

After the MVP has been developed and successfully launched, the team can continue working on developing new features. This can be done on the basis of a service agreement and will be billed based on effort.

If you prefer to continue working with an internal team, responsibility will be handed over to your colleagues in an orderly, step-by-step manner.